Lisyy : "
Elloh Bitches LISET or Lisy is dha name hehe nice to meet cha ! :) 16 , livinq in MIAMI fL im Enggaged & yes if i miss spell something SORRY MY EXCUSE IM LATINA WELL I LOVE TO MEET NEW PEOPLE AND I FOLLOW EVERY ONE SO GET AT MEHH ;*
i LOVE mARILYN mONROEc ||Pink cheetah & zevra print <3 Makeup tanning the beach boys-girls :) tattoos playboy victoriasecret gucci dg lv prada fendi juicy couture parting drinking clubbing dancing having & last but not least tumblr (: JOCKERS HATERS BACKSTABBERSFAKE PEOPLE -.- & PEOPLE THT ARE TOO NICE LMFAO Xd , nuff sed bitches got no mo too say buhhhbyeee :*
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All pink


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